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New Year, New Name

I decided to change the name of my blog from the generic Patrice D. Johnson’s Blog to Patrice D. Johnson’s End of Daze.  When I started posting, I didn’t really know in what direction I was heading, only that I wanted to inform my readers and clarify misconceptions. Because of my brief career as a teacher and my interest in education and education policy, my posts were focused on that topic.

There is so much confusion surrounding the issue of schools and how to make them better, the phrase, “School Daze”—as in the title of the Spike Lee film—popped into my head. As apocalyptic as End of Daze may sound, I am hopeful that in some way my writing will have a positive effect and help clear up some of the foggy thinking on education and other bewildering subjects in the future.


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Welcome to Patrice D. Johnson’s Blog!

I finally decided to enter the blogosphere. I hope you find my first post worth your while. Feel free to chime in with your comments and suggestions.


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